Waiving Navajo Tribal Utility Authority payments?! ARPA Housing Criteria, Az & NM Water Rights Agreements. Resources & Development, 10 am, 5.20.24

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, Ahe’hee to the Sacred, Holy Being for living we are no longer being bombed. Prayers for our Indigenous Palestinian Relatives/Frens/Humans who are being bombed. You cannot Bomb Mother Earth in Peace, you can only Bomb her to Pieces… Michael Franti quote Our Navajo Nation Resources & Development Committee has a packed agenda of […]

Navajo Council oks emergency assistance for Navajo Housing Authority customers only to pay Navajo Tribal Utility Authority for outstanding utility bills, 4.57 pm, 9.29.22

4:57 pm, 9.29.22The Navajo Council votes 22 in favor, zero opposed on Legislation 0177-22, which seeks Council approval to use CARES relief aid funds from Navajo Housing Authority Navajo Nation Housing Program to pay for outstanding Navajo Tribal Utility Authority utility bills for Navajo Housing Authority customers only.Unofficial voting tally.Elmer Begay Green; Kee Allen Begay […]

NTUA ending Temporary Non-Disconnection Policy on 9.19.22

NTUA to End Temporary Non-disconnection Policy FORT DEFIANCE, AZ – The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority announces the end of the temporary non-disconnect policy for residential customers that was put in place two years ago. In March 2020, NTUA joined other utility companies to implement a temporary non-disconnection policy to provide financial relief for residential customers. […]

Why isn’t NTUA CEO Walter W. Haase on Investigatory Leave without Pay? Protest at NTUA, 10 am, 4.26.22

Window Rock, AZ. (4.25.22) – Diné Sáaniis for Justice will be holding a demonstration on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 10:00 AM at the NTUA Headquarters in Ft. Defiance. We will gather in the public parking lot on the east side entrance to demand that General Manager Walter Haas be put on administrative leave without […]

Hiring Special Prosecutor on Navajo Council Law & Order Committee, 10 am, 1.31.22

Greetings Relatives/Fresn/Humans,,It is now 10:35 am, 1.31.22, and the Navajo Council Law & Order Committee has a Report on the HIRING of a Navajo Nation SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, which has drawn the Attendance of about 8 attorneys from the Navajo Department of Justice, and Nez&Lizer Chief of Staff Paulsen Chaco. And Nez&Lizer should take Notice, and […]

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority report on Water Restrictions and NTUA’s Water Data Log, RDC mtg 9 am, 8.3.21

Greeting Relatives/Frens/Humans, the Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee is scheduled to hear a Report on Water Restrictions by Navajo Tribal Utility Authority. To attend the RDC meeting Via Telecommunications –Call In Number: 1-669-900-6833, Mtg. ID: 732-628-2566, Passcode: 86515. Please MUTE your phones. The RDC is also available Live Stream via Navajo Nation Council Facebook […]

NTUA cuts off water to several chapters, 7.12.21

NAVAJO COUNCIL PRESS RELEASE – Low Water Supply Prompts NTUA to Cut Off Water Allocations to Several ChaptersWindow Rock, Ariz. (7.12.21) — In late June, it was reported that Navajo Nation Chapters within District 7 (Teesto, Dilkon, Indian Wells, Greasewood Springs, White Cone, Low Mountain, Jeddito) and surrounding communities faced severe water shortages due to […]

Resources & Development meet on NTUA’s Unspent CARES funds, 9 am, 6.7.21

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I was unable to attend the Navajo Nation Council Resources & Development Committee this morning but I figured that since Council Speaker Seth Damon has been proudly announcing how TRANSPARENT the Council/Legislative Branch is that the RDC meeting with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority regarding NTUA’s UNSPENT CARES money would be recorded, which has […]

Navajo Council hearing Proposals to spend ARP money, 9 am, 3.5&6.21

The Navajo Nation Council has scheduled a week of discussions on the American Rescue Plan Act. Work sessions, which are scheduled to begin at 9 am daily with the exception of April 6, 2021 which will begin at 10 am. If you have questions, please contact Manuel Rico, Interim Executive Director, Office of Legislative Services, […]

Navajo Council Budget meeting: Navajo police report on 911; Controller report on how NTUA & NECA spent CARES dollars, 10 am, 2.16.21

PROPOSED AGENDA OF THE BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEEOF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL, February 16, 2021Regular Meeting, 10 a.m.Via Teleconference: 669 900-6833Zoom meeting ID: 232 628 2566Passcode: 86515Presiding: Jamie Henio, ChairpersonRaymond Smith, Jr., Vice Chairperson Place: Via Teleconference, Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona)Members Present:_ Elmer P. Begay _ Jamie Henio Nathaniel Brown _ Raymond Smith, Jr. […]