RDC subcommittee: We keep saying No to uranium and stay in rut

Navajo Council’s Subcommittee on Navajo-URI uranium agreement meeting in north conference room of Council chamber in Window Rock. It is now 4:34 pm The conference is full. Several other Delegates are present because they are very concerned. Delegate Russell Begaye notes that according to a legal opinion from Navajo Justice Department that mineral agreements go […]

Subcommittee on Navajo-URI uranium agreement

NAVAJO COUNCIL’S RESOURCES & DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE SUBCOMMITTEE ON NAVAJO NATION – URI uranium agreement has started. DELEGATE EDMUND YAZZIE telling Navajo Council’s Resources & Development Committee Subcommittee on Navajo Nation – URI uranium agreement that he’s disappointed with how RDC took action on creating Subcommittee. Yazzie says, “No more sneaky stuff. Where people have to […]

Decentralization Report

Here at joint meeting of Budget and Finance Committee and Resources and DEvelopment Committee where Joint Committee Chairperson LoRenzo Bates called for Report on Decentralization. Bates recalls that the Council appropriated $2 million for the Decentralization Project. NAVAJO NATION DIVISION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR LEONARD CHEE Directive to DCD in July 2013 and formed Decentralization […]

Az Navajos get more road projects than NM Navajos

Here at joint meeting of Navajo Council’s Budget & Finance Committee and Resources & Development Committee at the Council chamber in Window Rock, Ariz. Click on B&F and RDC 2-4-14 AGENDA to see what Legislation and Reports will go before B&F and RDC today. The Committees have started debating on Proposed Amendments to the Navajo […]