Navajo President: Exempt critical federal programs from shutdown

PRESS RELEASE: PRESIDENT BEGAYE SAYS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD EXEMPT CRITICAL PROGRAMS FROM SHUTDOWN WINDOW ROCK, Ariz.—In light of the potential U.S. government shutdown pending the Senate’s passage of a stopgap bill to prevent the halting of funds to federal agencies, President Russell Begaye said critical federal programs should be exempt. “The members of Congress need […]

Navajo opposes federal bill to remove Bears Ears National Monument

Committed votes on Legislation 0015-18, which is the Navajo Nation’s opposition to the Curtis bill, which would reduce the size of Bears Ears National Monument into two smaller national monuments, Shash Jaa National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument. DELEGATE DAVIS FILFRED, SPONSOR OF 0015-18, says 2018 is the 150 years anniversary of the US […]

Naabik’iyati zipping through agenda

Naabik’iyati Committee votes 12-0 on Legislation 0439-17 without debste because Speaker Bates announced that they are about to lose a quorum. 0439-17 is for $100,000 for Dine’ Education Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Development. Committee votes 13-0 on Legislation 0445-17, $1.6 million for Navajo Scholarship Office without debate. Moves to Council. Committee unanimously support $425,950 for […]

Delegate Tso: No vote means you don’t support jobs

NAABIK’IYATI COMMITTEE IS BACK TO DEBATE ON MAIN LEGISLATION 0006-17, WHICH IS TO SUPPORT COMMUNICATIONS WITH UNIONS TO KEEP NGS AND PEABODY KAYENTA MINE OPERATING PAST 2019. DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON says unions, workers, coalition don’t need 0006-17 to lobby to keep NGS and Peabody coal mine operating past 2019. I cannot give blanket support. And […]

Delegate Tsosie: Navajo environmentalists closed NGS

NAABIK’IYATI COMMITTEE IS BACK TO DEBATE ON MAIN LEGISLATION 0006-170006-17, WHICH IS TO SUPPORT COMMUNICATIONS WITH UNIONS TO KEEP NGS AND PEABODY KAYENTA MINE OPERATING PAST 2019. DELEGATE KEE ALLEN BEGAY questions Peabody Coal representative about why Peabody Coal charges Navajo people for coal when coal belongs to Navajo people. People are questioning why Navajo […]

Amendment to NGS bill fails

DELEGATE KEE ALLEN BEGAY says group of UMWA and NGS representatives need to keep bill simple. Keep simple. Keep legislation as is, no amendments. DELGATE LEONARD TSOSIE says by simplifying amendment and not naming all these groups then not limit other that want to join coalition, such as Page business people. My understanding is you […]

Delegate Pete: Keeping NGS operating means free coal

DELEGATE LEONARD PETE says too expensive to keep NGS open. NGS owners told Navajo that it would be cheaper to construct three power plants in Phx. they are looking for cheaper way to generate power. if unions and coalition want to keep operating then have to sell coal as cheap as possible, and maybe be […]

Unions want Navajo Nation take leadership role in keep NGS & coal mine operating

NAABI DEBATING 0006-17, COMMUNICATE WITH UNIONS TO KEEP NGS OPERATING PAST 2019 NAVAJO COUNCIL DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE advising the withdrawal of proposed amendment for UMWA AND IBEW to join Coaliton because Coalition has not been born yet. Withdraw amendment and amend main bill to state that support groups that support keeping NGS and Kayenta coal […]

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati debating bill to keep NGS operating past 2019

Navajo Council Otto Tso said NGS and Peabody Kayenta Mine generated $60M for Navajo government revenues. If lose NGS and mine it will have a huge financial impact on tribal government. There’s an amendment I was asked to sponosor. Amendment to Whereas Section: UMWA and IBEW asked to join coalition to keep NGS and Kayenta […]

Carbon sequestration legislation on Resources & Development Jan. 17 agenda

Legislation 0017-18: An Action Relating To Resources and Development Committee; Directing the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources and Departments to Review and Analyze Carbon Sequestration Models Through the Native American Venture Fund and Report to the Resources and Development Committee, which is sponsored by Navajo Nation Council Delegate Seth Damon, is on the proposed […]