NTUA ending Temporary Non-Disconnection Policy on 9.19.22

NTUA to End Temporary Non-disconnection Policy

FORT DEFIANCE, AZ – The Navajo Tribal Utility Authority announces the end of the temporary non-disconnect policy for residential customers that was put in place two years ago.

In March 2020, NTUA joined other utility companies to implement a temporary non-disconnection policy to provide financial relief for residential customers.

In 2021, as other regional utility companies resumed disconnecting customers for non-payment, NTUA kept the policy in place. However, due to mounting debt, NTUA is ending the temporary moratorium on the disconnecting customers for non-payment.

NTUA has approximately 43,000 residential utility accounts and an estimated 12,000 of these accounts have been identified as 60 days past due. NTUA can no longer afford to carry an increasing debt of non-payment and will resume standard business practices regarding past due accounts.

“We are thankful that a majority of our customers have worked hard to keep their accounts current,” said NTUA Spokeswoman Deenise Becenti. “It’s the 12 thousand that we are worried about. It is our hope that they will contact us as soon as possible.”

NTUA will begin disconnecting residential customers for non-payment beginning Monday, September 19, 2022. NTUA customers will have more than 30 days to contact NTUA about their past due accounts.

NTUA is strongly encouraging customers with past-due accounts to contact NTUA customer care agents at the district offices to avoid disconnection. Customer Service staff members are prepared to help customers with a reasonable payment arrangement plan, including providing information of financial utility assistance programs available in the region.

NTUA will send direct mail to past-due customers announcing the end of the temporary non-disconnect policy. The one-page mailer will also have a list of area organizations that are offering financial utility assistance programs.

For more information, customers should call 1-800-528-5011.

Deenise Becenti, Gov/Public Affairs, NTUA – Office of the General Manager, 928-729-6221 – dbecenti@ntua.com

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