RDC leadership meeting focuses on Historical Problem of Paying Meeting Stipends of Chapter Officials, 9 am, 8.30.21

OMG!! GOOD GRIEF!! SMH!! Navajo Council Delegate Rickie Nez, who is Resources & Development Committee chairman, wants to have ANOTHER WORK SESSION at TWIN ARROWS CASINO & RESORT to Continue TALKING about How to FUND STIPENDS of CHAPTER OFFICIALS. By the way, did RDC chairman Rickie Nez & the RDC committee inform ALL the 110 CHAPTERS about TODAY’S Leadership meeting which is FOCUSED on COMPENSATING the 110 CHAPTER OFFICIALS.

And as I’ve been listening to the RDC leadership meeting, I’ve Repeatedly Heard Richie Nez & RDC committee members about How Important the Chapters are, which is another Reason, I’m asking if Rickie Nez/RDC committee NOTIFIED the 110 Chapters about TODAY’S leadership meeting.
It is now 1:16 pm, 8.30.21

This is getting INTERESTING…Usually RDC member Wilson Stewart Jr sounds like nez-lizer cheerleader but Today, he reminded nez-lizer of their campaign promise to Fully Fund Meeting Stipends of Chapter Officials. For YEARS, and I do mean YEARS, funding for Meeting Stipends for chapter officials are ALWAYS running out. Too Bad that Stewart didn’t SPEAK UP as the Council handed over the entire $1.8 Billion in ARPA funds to nez&lizer & Created a Special Office, the Navajo Nation Office of the President & Vice President Fiscal Recovery Office, for nez&lizer to administer the $1.8B. SMH…Navajo Community development director Yellowman, who serves at the pleasure of nez&lizer, informed the RDC that the chapter officials showed their commitment last year in providing CARES relief aid….Interesting. Yellowman, like nez&lizer say one thing and then totally Forget what they said. What I mean is the Council allocated more than $30M in CARES funds to the Chapters and nez&lizer LINE-ITEM VETOED the $30M!!

And According to Budget & Finance Committee member Amber Kanazbah Crotty, the nez-lizer administration has been allocated more than 1% from the Navajo Nation’s $1.8 BILLION in ARPA funds to ADMINISTER THE $1.8 BILLION. And HOW MUCH are CHAPTERS allocated from the $1.8 BILLION to administer their PORTION of the $1.8B? I would like a WRITTEN REPORT from Navajo Division of Community Development director Yellowman regarding HOW CHAPTERS spent their SHARE of CARES Fund. Are CHAPTERS ensuring that ALL community members, especially those WITHOUT VEHICLES, have received their FAIR & EQUITABLE SHAIRE of CARES DOLLRS? But Hey, that INFO about How Chapters spent their share of the Navajo Nation’s $714 MILLION in CARES Funds is PART of the FINANCIAL REPORT submitted by the Navajo Nation Office of the Controller to the U.S. Treasury and so I am Once AGAIN requesting that a COPY of How the Navajo govt spent $714M in CARES Funds be ELECTRONCIALLY POSTED on the websites of the Office of the Controller, the Office of the President & Vice President, the the Navajo Council. Ahe’hee Navajo govt!

The RDC adjourned their leadership meeting at about 1:30 pm, 8.30.21. Today’s RDC leadership, like All Navajo govt meetings are funded by the Dine’ People’s Funds, and so All Navajo Govt should be Recorded for the Dine’ People to Listen to when they can. I was watching today’s RDC meeting and posted it on my FB and so if You Missed Today’s RDC leadership about funding Meeting Stipends of Chapter Officials, click on the RDC meeting & Listen to the Recorded meeting which was scheduled to start at 9 am, 8.30.21.
May Peace Prevail on Mother Earth🌼🦋🌿☯

I’m posting my 8.4.21 news story about the Council handing over the $1.8B in ARPA funds to nez&lizer:
WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. (8.4.21) – Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer have a new office and a $1.8 billion operating budget that could jump to $2.5 billion.
According to a joint press release from Nez, Lizer, and the Council, Nez and Lizer were joined by Navajo Nation Council Speaker Seth Damon and Council Delegates Carl Slater, Wilson Stewart, Jr., Rickie Nez, Thomas Walker, Jr., and Mark Freeland, as Nez signed Council Resolution CJY-41-21 into law Monday, which established the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund Office in the Office of the President and Vice President and the Expenditure Authorization Process for the American Rescue Plan Act allocation of $1.8 billion.
“After decades of unfinished infrastructure, struggling economy, and inadequate education systems, the Navajo Nation is on the doorstep of changing our future for our grandchildren,” Nez said. “In the process, we initiated projects to install water lines, wastewater systems, electricity, and broadband for hundreds of families and communities. With the Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund, we envision to increase those efforts to combat COVID-19 and build a stronger foundation for many generations to come.”
Council Delegate Carl Slater, who sponsored the $1.8 billion fiscal recovery fund legislation, which the Council approved after a five-hour debate July 22, informed the Council during their debate that the Navajo Nation would be receiving additional ARPA funds that could increase the $1.8 billion to $2.5 billion.
The new law allows for the reimbursement of projects funded by the Síhasin Fund and the Undesignated, Unreserved Fund Balance with the $1.8 billion in ARPA funds, supports CARES Fund projects that were not completed, and waives certain provisions of the Appropriations Act to allow for Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Funds to be processed as emergency procurements.
Jared Touchin, executive office spokesman, and Kyron Hardy, office of the speaker spokesman, said all funds deposited into the Fiscal Recovery Fund will be used in compliance with all ARPA purposes and guidelines.
Touchin and Hardy said the U.S. Department of Treasury allocated $1.8 billion to the Navajo Nation in May under the American Rescue Plan Act, for recovery efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hady noted that the Office of the President and Vice President Navajo Nation Fiscal Recovery Fund Office will provide central support and regulatory costs upfront to establish the legal, financial, and regulatory infrastructure necessary to support NNFRF expenditure plans of funding from CARES Fund projects that were approved but not completed.
He added that the Council approved two amendments to Slater’s fiscal recovery legislation and the first one was made by Delegate Kee Allen Begay to include a Central Agency Council resolution supporting the establishment of a fiscal recovery fund and expenditure authorization process.
Begay also sponsored the second amendment, which mandates that ARPA funds that have been allocated and not spent by the end of the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2024 shall revert to the NNFRF and be made available for allocation to other NNFRF projects and services.

PRESIDING: Rickie Nez, Chairperson
Thomas Walker, Jr., Vice-Chairperson
Via Telecommunications – Call In Number: 1-669-900-6833, Zoom Meeting ID #: 732-628-2566, Passcode: 86515

Livestream will be available online at:
VIMEO: www.vimeo.com/navajonationcouncil
YouTube: www.youtube.com/navajonationcouncil
NNC Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/navajonationcouncil/

  1. Welcome; Roll Call; Invocation; and Introduction;
  2. Purpose of the Meeting: Discuss the Chapter Official Stipend Shortfall and Seek Recommendation on How the Situation Could be Resolved.
  3. Presentation(s):
    • History of the Chapter Stipend Shortfall; when it began and why? Presenter: Dr. Pearl Yellowman, Division Director, and ASC Staff
    • What is the Fiscal Year 2022 Shortfall? Presenter: Dr. Pearl Yellowman, Division Director, DCD
    • Update on the Prior Fiscal Year Carryovers and Types of Chapter’s Restricted Accounts. Presenter: Robert Willie, OOC
    • Proper Language for Possible Amendment(s) to FY 2022 Budget Requested. Presenter: Mariana Kahn, OLC, and Rodgerick Begay, NNDOJ
    • NNDOJ’s Overview and Recommendation of Amendment(s) to Title 26, Local Governance Act. Presenter: Rodgerick Begay, NNDOJ, and Others
  4. Questions/Recommendations/Follow-up
  5. Conclusion of the Meeting and Adjournmen

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