Controller’s Office ready to handle Hardship Assistance Program, Chapter Funds, 10.13.20

PRESS RELEASE – WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — On Oct. 9, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez approved Legislation No. CS-74-20 which added more than $49 million to the CARES Fund Hardship AssistanceExpenditure Plan and approved Legislation No. CS-73-20 that provides $90 million for Navajo Nation Chapters for additional coronavirus relief aid. Both programs are funded by […]

Navajo Council Fall Session, 10 am daily, 10.19-23.20

NAVAJO COUNCIL FALL SESSION Livestream will be available online at:VIMEO: Facebook: Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans,The Navajo Council is convening its annual five-day Fall Session at 10 am, Monday, 10.19.20. Navajo President Nez is scheduled to present the State of the Nation address Monday. I wonder if Nez will renew his request to the Council […]

Navajo Council Law & Order Committee meeting 7 am, 10.15.20

AGENDA OF THELAW AND ORDER COMMITTEE24TH NAVAJO NATION COUNCILSPECIAL MEETING -TELECONFERENCEOctober 15, 20207:00 A.M.Teleconference call number: (928) 223-3960)PRESIDING: Honorable Eugenia Charles-Newton, ChairwomanHonorable Otto Tso, Vice ChairpersonLOCATION: Via Teleconference[ ] Honorable Eugenia Charles-Newton [ ] Honorable Otto Tso[ ] Honorable Vince James [ ] Honorable Edmund Yazzie[ ] Honorable Eugene TsoHon. Eugenia Charles-Newton Location: ______________________Hon. Vince […]

Hardship Assistance eligibility criteria on Budget Committee, 8 am, 10.15.20

PROPOSED AGENDA OF THE BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE OF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCILOctober 15, 2020, Special Meeting, 8 a.m.Via Teleconference:TELECONFERENCE CALL NUMBER: (928)223-3955Presiding: Jamie Henio, ChairpersonRaymond Smith, Jr., Vice Chairperson Place: Via Teleconference, Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona)Members Present:_ Elmer P. Begay _ Jamie Henio Nathaniel Brown _ Raymond Smith, Jr. Amber K. Crotty _ […]

Layoffs, CARES $, Domestic Violence, Plexi-glass on Navajo Council Health Committee meetng, 9 am, 10.9.20

PROPOSED AGENDA HEALTH, EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE, 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCILSpecial Meeting, CALL IN NUMBER: (928) 223-3958October 09, 2020, 9:00 a.m.PRESIDING : Honorable Daniel E. Tso, ChairpersonHonorable Carl Roessel Slater, Vice-ChairpersonPLACE : Via TelecommunicationsWindow Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona) □ Paul Begay, Jr. □ Charlaine Tso□ Carl Roessel Slater □ Daniel E. Tso□ Pernell Halona […]

Navajo Nation Council receives updates on CARES business and artisan hardship program, $4.6 million granted through online portal, 10.6.20

LEGISLATIVE BRANCH PRESS RELEASE – WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Members of the 24th Navajo Nation Council were briefed on the progress of the Navajo Nation CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Business and Artisan Grant Program established through Navajo Nation Council Resolution No. CJY-67-20 and implemented under the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development […]

Navajo Council State Task Force meeting on Az & NM voting access, 1 pm, 10.5.20

NAABIK’IYATI’ STATE TASK FORCE OF THE NAABIK’IYATI’ COMMITTEE, 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCILSPECIAL MEETINGVia Telephonic ConferenceCall-In Numbers: 978-990-5115Access Code: 8927541Navajo NationPROPOSED AGENDAMonday, October 5, 20201:00 PM[ ] Honorable Mark Freeland, Chairperson Location: ________[ ] Honorable Paul Begay, Vice-Chairperson Location: ________[ ] Honorable Kee Allen Begay, Jr. Location: ________[ ] Honorable Pernell Halona Location: ________[ ] Honorable […]

Navajo Council hearing from Youth Advisory Council, 10 am, 10.5.20

PROPOSED AGENDA, HEALTH, EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL Special Meeting, CALL IN NUMBER: (928) 223-3958 October 05, 2020, 10:00 a.m.PRESIDING : Honorable Daniel E. Tso, ChairpersonHonorable Carl Roessel Slater, Vice-ChairpersonPLACE : Via TelecommunicationsWindow Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona) □ Paul Begay, Jr. □ Charlaine Tso□ Carl Roessel Slater □ Daniel E. Tso□ […]

Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives’ virtual forum on Domestic Violence Awareness Month, 6 pm, 10.2.20

PRESS RELEASE: WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — Naabik’íyáti’ Sexual Assault Prevention Subcommittee Chairwoman Council Delegate Amber Kanazbah Crotty (Cove, Toadlena/Two Grey Hills, Red Valley, Tsé’ałnáoozt’i’í, Sheepsprings, Beclabito, Gad’ii’áhí/Tó Ko’í) invites the Navajo public to attend a virtual forum being held by the community-based group Missing & Murdered Diné Relatives for the start of Domestic Violence Awareness […]

Navajo Council releases more info on Hardship Assistance, 9.29.20

PRESS RELEASE – Navajo Nation Council approves up to $1,500 in coronavirus hardship assistance for enrolled Navajo tribal members, up to $500 for children WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The Navajo Nation Council voted unanimously Thursday, Sept. 24, to authorize $49,454,416 for coronavirus (Covid-19) hardship assistance to provide emergency financial support to enrolled Navajo tribal members […]