Navajo-Hopi Land Commission hear rept on 2nd & 3rd generation relocatees, 7 am, 11.2.23

Ya’at’eeh Relatives/Frens/Humans, the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission is scheduled to meet at 7 am today, 11.2.23, in the Navajo Council chambers, Window Rock, Ariz. At the NHLC meeting 9. 21.23, the NHLC asked interim NHLC Office Director Sarah Slim to provide the following information to the NHLC at their 11.2.23 meeting, which was also published in […]

Update on Investigation of former Navajo Nation Controller Pearline Kirk, Budget & Finance, 2 pm, 8.3.21

PROPOSED AGENDA OF THE BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE OF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL August 3, 2021 Work Session 2 p.m. or immediately after the Committee’s regular meeting Via Teleconference: 669 900-6833, Zoom meeting ID: 232 628 2566, Passcode: 86515Presiding: Jamie Henio, ChairpersonRaymond Smith, Jr., Vice Chairperson Place: Via Telecommunications, Window Rock, Navajo Nation (Arizona)Members Present:_ […]

Acting Navajo govt Controller tells Navajo Council, No Written Report on $8M in monetary donations spent by Nez & Lizer, 7.20.21

FINALLY!!!! I got my ANSWER about Where is the Written Report from Navajo Dept of Just-us, nEZ & li-zer, regarding NON-FEDERAL COVID-19 RELIEF MONEY DONATIONS that nEZ & li-ser “TASKED” the Navajo Dept of Just-Us to ACCEPT by turning Navajo Dept Of Justice into a CALL IN CENTER for MONEY DONATIONS. And then nEZ & […]

Funding 2nd Hardship Assistance to be Added to Navajo Council agenda, 1 pm, 6.25.21

Navajo Council unanimously approves LEGISLATION 0094-21: An Action Relating to Health Education and Human Services, Budget and Finance, and Naabik’íyáti’ Committees and the Navajo Nation Council; Enacting the Navajo Nation Cares Fund Phase II Hardship Assistance Expenditure Plan; Allocating Navajo Nation Cares Fund Investment Earnings Thereto (2/3) with TWO AMENDMENTSUnofficial VOTE, 23-0, 5:14 pmUnofficial Voting […]

Naabik’iyati ARPA work session with Dine’ College, Navajo Technical University, Navajo&Hopi Families COVID Relief, Nataani Development Corporation, 10 am, 6.9.21

NAABIK’ÍYÁTI’ COMMITTEE OF THE 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCILWORK SESSION (VIA TELECOMMUNICATION) Window Rock, Navajo Nation, Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 10:00 AM (DST)WORK SESSION AGENDACall-in Number: (669) 900-6833, Meeting ID: 928 871 7160, Passcode: 86515PRESIDING CHAIR: Honorable Seth Damon, Speaker, 24th Navajo Nation Council CALL WORK SESSION TO ORDER; ROLL CALL; INVOCATION RECOGNIZE GUESTS AND VISITING […]