Navajo Prez Nygren vetoes Virtual Attendance of Navajo Local Govt mtgs, 11.3.23

Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren vetoed the Right of the Dine’ to Know what the Navajo Government is doing in their Name with their Beeso/Money in their Mother Hogan/Navajo Council Chambers, in their Chapter Houses, and especially in the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President today, Nov. 3, 2023. The Navajo Nation […]

Today is Judgment Day for CIP plan

DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY We want you to discuss today the fair and equitable distribution of infrastructure projects for the 110 chapters. NAVAJO NATION CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS PROGRAM DIRECTOR CASEY BEGAY Chapters had all summer to submit projects. And Navajo law mandates that if the Council fails to approve a CIP plan by Dec. 31, then […]

$400 MILLION Chapters’ Infrastructure Improvement Priority Projects

DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY   For the record, let’s not DEFER legislation because some of us, wait and wait. NAABI NOW ON: Legislation No. 0118-13: Relating to Resources and Development and Budget and Finance and Naabik’iyati’; Recommending and Approving the Navajo Nation Chapters’ Infrastructure Improvement Priority Projects for Fiscal Year 2013 through 2018 (B&F 8/06/13) Sponsors: […]