Navajo Council Budget Committee, Day 6, Budget hearings, 9 am, 9.10.20

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans,May everyone have a Positive Productive day! And may our Navajo elected offcials remember that they are making Budget decisions with the money of the Navajo People/Children/Babies/Youth/Elders/Four Leggeds/Ones That Fly/Ones That Live in the Water/Ones that Crawl, Our Homeland.May PEACE prevail on Mother Earth! The Navao Nation Council Budget & Finance Committee is meeting […]

Navajo Council budget committee meeting on 2019 Navajo govt audit, 9 am, 9.2.20

The Navajo Nation Council Budget & Finance Committee has two meetings scheduled today, 9.2.20. The first meetings is at 8 am and is to adopt the Navajo Nation government’s 2019 audit. The BFC is meeting Via Teleconference:TELECONFERENCE CALL NUMBER: (928)223-3955. Please MUTE your phones. Ahe’hee! The second BFC meeting begins at 10 am, 9.2.20, and […]

Navajo Budget Committee: CARES Deadline looming, Per Capita?

Really quick Update of this morning’s two hour Budget & Finance Committee meeting: BFC members are very concerned that the Navajo Nation will not meet the CARES deadline for spending all the more than $663M. And so BFC members started talking about the possibility of using the more than $66M for per capita payments if […]

Navajo Council Budget committee & $300M for Remington, 10 am, 7.14.20

The Budget & Finance has started. Roll call – BFC Chairman Jamie Henio; BFC Vice Chairman Raymond Smith, BFC member Amber Kanazbah Crotty are present. Henio said he will wait until another BFC member joins the call. BFC member Jimmy Yellowhair announces he is on call. BFC member Nathaniel Brown and Elmer Begay also present. […]

Housing on Navajo Council Law & Order Committee focus, 7.13.20, 10 am

NEW TELECONFERENCE CALL IN NUMBER, 928-223-3960. There is no ACCESS CODE. Again, Please MUTE your phone! Ahe’hee!! If you wish to Listen to today’s Navajo Council Law & Order Committee meeting, here is the TELECONFERENCE CALL NUMBER: (425) 436-6316, ACCESS CODE: 510953. Please MUTE your phone. Ahe’hee! According to the proposed agenda of the Law […]

Navajo Council Budget committee work session on $300M for Remington, 7.13.20, 1 pm

It is now 3 pm, 7.13.20. Public information office reported that Budget & Finance behind Closed Doors which is why when you call in, there is only silence. PROPOSED AGENDA OF THE BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE OF THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL, July 13, 2020Work Session, 1:00 p.m., Via Teleconference: TELECONFERENCE CALL NUMBER: (928)223-3955. (Please MUTE […]

Navajo Budget Committee meeting on CARES & COVID funds, 8:30 am, 7.10.20

Yá’át’ééh abíní Relatives/Frens/Humans! The Navajo Council Budget & Finance Committee is meeting today, July 10, Friday, at 8:39 AM. The TELECONFERENCE CALL NUMBER is(425) 436-6375 and the PASSCODE: is 805049. Please, Please be Considerate of everyone listening in on the meeting by MUTING your phones. Ahe’hee! The Budget & Finance have scheduled a 10 am […]

Navajo Budget & Finance Committee meeting, 10 am, 7.7.20

The Navajo Nation Council Budget & Finance Committee is meeting via TELECONFERENCE. The CALL NUMBER: is (425) 436-6375, and the PASSCODE: 805049. Please MUTE your phone because if your phone is not muted, everyone listening to BFC meeting can hear you. The $300 million down payment to buy Remington is not on the BFC proposed […]

Navajo Council Budget & Finance to vote on $300M to buy unknown “Company”, 6.23.20

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans: And Ahe’hee/Thank You for keeping yourself Informed about what your Navajo Nation government does in Your Name. The Budget & Finance held a work session on Legislation 0127-20, which seeks the B&F approval of $300 million to buy an unknown named manufacturing “Company”, Monday, 6.22.20, and now 0127-20 goes before the B&F during […]

Navajo Budget & Finance reviewing $3M investment in unnamed “Company”, 6.22.20

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans: I was reading proposed agenda of Budget & Finance and noticed that the B&F was going to review a proposal by B&F Chaiman Jamie Henio for a $3 million investment into a “Company.” I immediately wondered why the “Company” was not identified, especially since $3 million of the Navajo Nation’s money would be […]