Navajo Council work session on RDC Subcommittee and URI, July 18, 2014.

NAVAJO COUNCIL NAABIK’IYATI COMMITTEE CONVENED AT 11:20 AM TODAY, JULY 10, 2014. DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY July 22, Apache County Board of Supervisors meeting at Nahata Dziil Chapter to approve liquor license with George Ryan. I don’t know plan, concerning voice from Navajo Nation, but public has opportunity to speak. 10 a.m. Concern about legislation endorsing […]

How long has Navajo Nation contracted with KPMG to do audit and why?

NAVAJO COUNCIL CONTINUES DEBATE OVER AUDIT OF 2013 NAVAJO NATION OPERATING BUDGET. DELEGATE JONATHAN HALE Is the increase in health insurance a reflection of health of tribal employees? We may say our health is personal but not true when hits tribal government budget. What about conditions of 30-year-old airplanes if spending two times what worth […]

Twin Arrows Casino & Resort has outstanding $174 million loan

NAVAJO COUNCIL ON AUDIT OF 2013 NAVAJO NATION OPERATING BUDGET. DELEGATE WALTER PHELPS $6.6 m spent from Permanent Trust Fund so how were they spent, invested? DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ this is a “clean” audit and have to give credit to people for giving President line item veto power. AND remember when some of council delegates […]

Navajo Council Budget & Finance Committee approves Coconino County Sheriff at Twins Arrows

Here at Navajo Council Budget & Finance Committee meeting at the B&F Committee meeting room in Window Rock, Ariz. Click on B&F 2-4-14 AGENDA to see today’s B&F agenda. The B&F Committee is scheduled to have a joint meeting with Resources & Development Committee at 1 p.m. today at the Council chamber in Window Rock. […]