Decentralization Report

Here at joint meeting of Budget and Finance Committee and Resources and DEvelopment Committee where Joint Committee Chairperson LoRenzo Bates called for Report on Decentralization. Bates recalls that the Council appropriated $2 million for the Decentralization Project. NAVAJO NATION DIVISION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR LEONARD CHEE Directive to DCD in July 2013 and formed Decentralization […]

Joint Committees lose quorum but continue with Reports

Here at joint meeting of Budget & Finance Committee and Resources & Development Committee. The Committees have been debating a REPORT by Delegate Witherspoon RDC CHAIRPERSON KATHERINE BENALLY I asked NDOT if they support. NDOT told me it was not their legislation. NDOT DIRECTOR PAULSON CHACO This is not our legislation and we commented on […]