Navajo Council Budget & Finance Commtee: Acting Controller Elizabeth Begay reports on Unspent Funds, 10 am, 3.23

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I’m listening to Budget & Finance Committee/BFC & The SOUND is Wonderful! Amazing!Acting Controller Elizabeth Begay is scheduled to report on How much Money the Navajo Govt has Not Spent… And so why is our Navajo Govt being sooo desparate to generate revenues/make money. How many times have you heard our Elected Officials […]

Council confirms Rhonda Tuni as probationary judge

LEGISLATION 0023-18: An Action Relating to the Navajo Nation Council; Confirming the Probationary Appointment of Rhonda Tuni as Navajo Nation District Court Judge SPONSOR: Honorable Otto Tso JUDICIAL BRANCH REPRESENTATIVE RALPH ROANHORSE, Ms Tuni has got her Juris Doctorate degree and New Mexico Bar License and Navajo Nation Bar License. Young people can be inspired […]

Navajo Nation Referendums for election of judges and cracking Trust Fund Fund open move to Council

It’s 5:46 pm and Navajo Council’s Naabik’iyati Committee moving quickly through legislation and so there’s no debate. Legislation 0154-15: AN ACT RELATING TO LAW AND ORDER, NAABIK’IYATI AND THE NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL; APPROVING THE JUDICIAL ELECTIONS REFERENDUM ACT OF 2015 REFERRING TO VOTERS OF THE NAVAJO NATION A REFERENDUM MEASURE ON WHETHER TITLES 2, 7, […]