Navajo Council Budget & Finance Commtee: Acting Controller Elizabeth Begay reports on Unspent Funds, 10 am, 3.23

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I’m listening to Budget & Finance Committee/BFC & The SOUND is Wonderful! Amazing!
Acting Controller Elizabeth Begay is scheduled to report on How much Money the Navajo Govt has Not Spent… And so why is our Navajo Govt being sooo desparate to generate revenues/make money. How many times have you heard our Elected Officials say they need to make more money to Continue Services to We, the Dine’? But where’s the Proof of Services being Provided? Where’s the Data? And Not Spending Federal, State, County Funds is a Continuous Pattern/Behavior of our Navajo Govt. It’s Historical!!!! And that Navajo govt history of Not Spending federal, state, county funds for services for we, the Dine’, shud be easily accessed for a Public Report to we, the Dine’ before our Navajo Govt returns some of the ARPA Funds to the federal govt.
I asked for all the Reports/Documents presented to the BFC during their Orientation meetings last week, and Legislative Services Director Manuel Rico informed me that I have to fill out a form. I questioned why I had to request for Public Documents that went before a Navajo Council standing committee, especially since I was assigned by Navajo Council Delegate Cherilyn Yazzie as her Legislative District Advisor/LDA to attend the BFC Orientation & provide her with a report regarding the financial status/health of the Navajo Govt, especially regarding ARPA funds for local govts/chapters. I’ve reported on the Navajo Govt for more than 30 years and I know that legislative staff electronically provide Reports/Documents to Council delegates, legislative staff, presenters, attorneys during committee and Council meetings because those Reports/Documents must be before the Council & Committee as the Reports/Documents are presented to the Council & committees so Council Delegates/Committee members are Fully Informed about what is being Presented to the Council, and or Committee for Official Navajo Govt Action, which involves being on the Council and, or Committee agenda and then presenting their Report/Documents to the Council and, or Committee during an Official Public Navajo Govt meeting that is in a Public Navajo Govt building and that is funded by Navajo Govt Public Funds and attended by Navajo Govt Public Servants/Elected Officials.
Rico informed me that there are no policies and procedures for LDAs to request Reports/Documents, BUT his office, Office of Legislative Services/OSL, does have internal Policies & Procedures, , which requires All individuals, including LDAs and Council Delegates, to complete the form with their request, which his team will work on. And IF it is sent to him, he refers it to the appropriate individuals or committee staff.
That is INSANE especially when the BFC’s Orientation Week focused on Slashing Red Tape so ARPA funds can be Spent before federal Treasury Deadline. I’m trying to get the Reports/Documents to help Council Delegate Cherilyn Yazzie help ensure that the five chapters she represents will spend all their ARPA funds to Complete all their LOCAL Projects instead of sending those funds back to the federal govt and not having their projects completed.
BUT what is REALLY SCARY is that All LDAs and Navajo Council Delegates are to Fill Out a Rico’s Request Form for PUBLIC NAVAJO GOVT DOCUMENTS. WTH!!!!

Via Teleconference: 669 900-6833
Zoom meeting ID: 232 628 2566
Passcode: 86515
Presiding: Shaandiin Parrish, Chairperson, Carl R. Slater, Vice Chairperson
Place: Budget and Finance Committee Conference Room, Window Rock, Navajo Nation
Members Present: _ Lomardo Aseret _ Seth Damon Norman M. Begay _ Shaandiin Parrish Amber K. Crotty _ _ Carl Roessel Slater

  1. Call the Meeting to Order; the Roll Call; the Invocation;
  2. Recognize Guests and Visiting Officials
  3. Review and Adopt the Agenda
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  4. Review and Adopt the Journal: none
  5. Receive Reports:
    a. State Small Business Credit Initiative Presenter: Douglas Capitan, Manager, Support Services Department, Division of Economic Development
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    b. Report from the Office of the Controller on Unexpended Funds and Breakdown of Business Units Presenter: Christina Chavez, Accounting Manager, Office of the Controller
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    c. Report from Office of Management & Budget, Update on meeting that took place on March 3, 2023 with FRF office. Presenter: Cordell Shortey, Contracting Officer, Office of Management & Budget
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    d. Update on the Judicial Branch judges vacancies Presenter: Karen Francis, Acting Administrative Director, Judicial Branch
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    e Update on the Fringe Benefit development Presenter: Suzann Wyatt, Consultant, Willis Towers Watson
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  6. Old Business: none
  7. New Business:
    a. Legislation No. 0024-23: An Action Relating to the Budget and Finance Committee; Appointing the Chairperson of the Budget & Finance Committee as a Member of the Investment Committee Sponsored by Norman M. Begay
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    b. Schedule joint meeting with HEHSC to discuss DPM Topics: Personnel, Background checks, Recruitment, ARPA, Hiring practices, PCQ’s and etc. Additional topics to be included.
    Date/Time: Location: __
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    c. Schedule meeting with Office of the President Vice President regarding drawdown of funds for programs.
    Date/Time: Location: __
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
  8. Close of the Session; Written Announcements; Adjournment
    M: S: Vote: Yeas: Nays
    Upcoming Meetings:
    Work session with FRF office on March 10, 2023 at 1:00 PM Work session with OMB Contracts and Grants on March 16, 2023 at 8:30 AM Regular Meeting: March 21, 2023
    THIS AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The public is advised that the Navajo Nation Council Agenda and the Agendas of the Standing Committees are not final until adopted by a majority vote of the Navajo Nation Council or the Standing Committee at a Navajo Nation Council or a Standing Committee meeting pursuant to 2 N.N.C. §§163 and 183, Navajo Nation Council Rule of Order

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