Navajo Council Budget Committee: Controller’s CARES money; Status of 2022 Budget, includes $200,000 for Washington, DC, Office, 10 am, 9.21.21

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, the Budget & Finance Committee is scheduled to hear an Audit of the CARES dollars allocated to the Navajo Nation Office of the Auditor General, during its scheduled 10 a.m. meeting today, Tuesday, 9.21.21, that can be attended via teleconference & Hopefully via Livestream. I checked the Navajo Nation Council’s Facebook page for […]

Headstart Audits may require Closed Door Health, Education & Human Services Committee meeting, 10 am, 6.9.21

PROPOSED AGENDA HEALTH, EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMITTEE 24th NAVAJO NATION COUNCIL REGULAR MEETINGJune 9, 2021 10:00 AMPRESIDING : Honorable Daniel E. Tso, ChairpersonHonorable Carl R. Slater, Vice-ChairpersonPLACE : Via Telecommunications:Call-In Number: 1-669-900-6833 MTG ID: 979-985-0956Passcode: 86515Window Rock, Navajo Nation (AZ) [ ] Paul Begay, Jr. [ ] Charlaine Tso[ ] Pernell Halona [ ] […]

Resources & Development: Take away tribal credit cards

Here at Resources & Development Committee for special meeting to hear from Navajo government owned enterprises but RDC member Jonathan Perry motions to go to legislation first and then hear from rest of enterprises. Passes. LEGISLATION 0107-18 FOLLOW UP REVIEW OF DIVISION OF ECONOMIC DEVEOPMENT P-CARD PURCHASES CORRECTIVE ACTION PLAN, IMPOSE SACTION FOR NOT IMPLEMENTING […]

Navajo Council confirms Vince James to Government Development Commission

Day Three of Navajo Nation Council winter session convened Thursday, Jan. 25. LEGISLATION 0463-17: An Action Relating to the Naabik’iyati’ Committee and the Navajo Nation Council : Confirming the Appointment of Mr. Vince James, as the Fort Defiance Agency Representative, to the Commission on Navajo Government Development for a Term of Four Years SPONSOR: Honorable […]

Audit: $5.9 million deficit in Navajo government employees

NAVAJO COUNCIL DEBATING KPMG’S AUDIT OF 2013 TRIBAL GOVERNMENT OPERATING BUDGET. DELEGATE WALTER PHELPS There is $5.9 million deficit in tribal employee health benefits program. Know roads funds allocated to penny but here is $30 million just sitting here in Navajo Department of Transportation. Is that true? Can that be spent? CONTROLLER MARK GRANT for […]

Navajo Council special session: 2013 audit, Adult Guardianship Act, $5 million for 110 chapters

The Navajo Nation Council is having a Special Session tomorrow, May 30, 2014, at 10 a.m. at the Navajo Nation Council chamber in Window Rock, Ariz. Among the Council PROPOSED AGENDA items is LEGISLATION 0115-14: ACCEPTING THE AUDIT REPORT OF KPMG, LLC, ON THE PRIMARY GOVERNMENT FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE NAVAJO NATION FOR 2013. The […]

Navajo Council accepts KPMG audit of 2012 budget

Navajo Council questioning KPMG and sponsor Delegate LoRenzo Bates on KPMG’s audit of 2012 Navajo Government operating budget. DELEGATE LORENZO BATES regarding Mr. Tsosie’s allegation that there money was mis-spent. Page 13: expenditures prior to 2010 and 2012 Page 15: revenues versus expenditures and Budget and Finance Committee recommended revenue projection and B&F has never […]

Delegate Tsosie: Why is losses of Twin Arrows Casino in such small print

Navajo Council questioning KPMG about its audit of the 2012 Navajo government operating budget. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE Add all trust funds expended and it’s about $14 million. There are students trying to get $100 scholarship. And here we are spending $14 million without return. Why is audit findings of Gaming Enterprise/Twin Arrows Casino losing money […]

Delegate Curley: All I see is loss!

Questions on KPMG’s report on its audit of 2012 Navajo Nation government annual budget. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE I question whether this audit if “unqualified”. Go to page 11, revenues from oil and gas. We are losing oil and gas cuz not checked. And what not in 2012 audit is taxes missing from Tuba City Chapter. […]

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee: Farm audit

Greetings Relatives/Frens, I’m at Navajo Council chamber where Resources & Development Committee/RDC should be convening very soon. On their proposed agenda is Audit Report of Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, which is the tribal enterprise located near Farmington, NM. I asked for an electronic copy of the FY 2013 Financial Audit, which will be presented by […]