Delegate Curley: All I see is loss!

Questions on KPMG’s report on its audit of 2012 Navajo Nation government annual budget.

I question whether this audit if “unqualified”. Go to page 11, revenues from oil and gas. We are losing oil and gas cuz not checked. And what not in 2012 audit is taxes missing from Tuba City Chapter. And there is loss at Twin Arrows Casino. I think auditors not being completely truthful. Page 14: never authorized large expenditures and that is worry of mine too. Page 21: notes – I wish we cud better explanation of “consolidated notes.” And we see all these trust funds being expended and that being done by Budget and Finance Committee and Investment Committee without knowledge of Council.
Earlier voted on granting additional time to presenters and delegates for audit.

it was only for presentation portion. and now back to five minutes for delegates to speak.

one of things that jumps off page, is page 45, notes receivables – $180 million. is there slide that speaks to how much we received from Gaming Enterprise? that wud be helpful.
Information receiving here is for services delivered, especially money we dont seem to spend. Audits: need to be timely otherwise lose federal indirect costs. about a year ago, we took action on this to get buildings renovated, up and runing. Wat is happening? told tribal bureaucracy but this causing delay in services.
other bureaucracy impacted, page 18: look at how received and deferred. look at decrepancy and that tied to bureaucrary. information here telling us to to time cost benefit.
“All I see is loss!” $14 million…$16 million. Wat are those?

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