Resources & Development: Take away tribal credit cards

Here at Resources & Development Committee for special meeting to hear from Navajo government owned enterprises but RDC member Jonathan Perry motions to go to legislation first and then hear from rest of enterprises. Passes. LEGISLATION 0107-18 FOLLOW UP REVIEW OF DIVISION OF ECONOMIC DEVEOPMENT P-CARD PURCHASES CORRECTIVE ACTION PLAN, IMPOSE SACTION FOR NOT IMPLEMENTING […]

Navajo Council’s RDC limits tribal credit card purchases

Navajo Council’s Resources and Development Committee is now on LEGISLATION 0028-14: An action relating to Budget and Finance; approving the Navajo Nation Purchase Card Policies and Procedures submitted by the Office of the Controller Sponsor: Hon. Jonathan Nez, Council Delegate and Danny Simpson, Council Delegate SPONSOR, COUNCIL DELEGATE DANNY SIMPSON There has been need for […]

Ethics complaints against Speaker Naize STILL under investigation

Here at Navajo Council Law and Order Committee meeting where Navajo Nation Ethics and Rules Office Director Vernon Roanhorse is being questioned by Law and Order Committee Vice Chairperson Alton Shepherd. Last sixteen months E&R Office transferring written documents into electronic files. $700,000 still owed as restitution by elected offficials found guilty of violating Ethics […]