Legislation No. 0500-12: Relating to Resources and Development, Naabik’iyati’ Committees: Amending Resolution CAP-15-10 to Extend the period of a Limited Waiver of Sovereign Immunity Allowing the Navajo Nation to be Sued in Federal District Court for Compliance with National Environmental Protection Act in order to carry out HUD Grants and Authorizing the President of the […]

Legislation is our kids taking their future in their hands

Naabi debates Healthy Dine’ Nation Act DELEGATE LORENZO CURLEY I get calls from Tuba City to reopen Wellness Center. As we talk about taxes, we need to also ask for an analysis of how taxes are being spent. Lot of our taxes are earmarked for good things but taxes are just sitting there. I think […]

Sales tax on Junk Food brought MacDs to Navajo Council

Naabi continues debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act. DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE I challenge the students, my precious children. Navajo culture important and that is our downfall. We try to be something we are not which is the western society. I agree with all my colleagues, how we will run to T&R, bordertowns. That really bothers me. […]

I’m a diabetic but I don’t support more taxes

Naabi continues debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act. DELEGATE KENNTH MARYBOY Golden Hammer Award is not an award that we shud be proud of. We can’t even balance our check book. We create laws and amend laws. Administrators shud be responsible. This legislation needs to be amended. Many small businesses have been in business for years […]

Navajo Chamber of Commerce opposes Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE Understand most of the pple that don’t attend chapter meetings were calling into KTNN radio show regarding opposition to Navajo Nation government purchase of BHP coal mine. And the issue here is that people are not attending/participating in their local government which is where the people should go. And this proposed legislation […]

Junk Food Tax returns!

Greetings Relatives/Frens, I’m here at the Navajo Council Health, Education & Human Service Committee, where the committe is about to debate Legislation 03200-13 Amending Ttle 24 of the Navajo Nation Code by enactying the Health Dine’ Nation Acty of 2013. DEBBIE CAYENDITO how this legislaitn started, group of us, grassroots, got together to move things […]