Navajo Chamber of Commerce opposes Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

Understand most of the pple that don’t attend chapter meetings were calling into KTNN radio show regarding opposition to Navajo Nation government purchase of BHP coal mine. And the issue here is that people are not attending/participating in their local government which is where the people should go. And this proposed legislation for a 2 percent tax concerns the funding of chapters and who benefits.

Your voices are being heard, students. We are talking about humanitarian issue. Easy to say, let’s make a law but it’s complicated. This is good inititative, putting message out there. But law requires looking at from all sides: businesses, corporations, tax commission, students/youth, etc. Read that if this happens that chapters only receive $5,000 a year. I represent chapters where no stores, especially in rehabilitating Bennet Freeze. Also chapters wud govern taxes is in your legislation and not sure if true unless certified/alternative form government chapters. So it’s not going to benefit me.
I also read that Coke and Pepsi, if they work with you thru peace making legislation that they will clean up wells in Bennett Freeze, etc.
Navajo Chamber of Commerce doesn’t support cuz of business from tourists especially regarding salted peanuts to keep energy up.
If bring huge millions of dollars, will this replace reversion of federal funds from Special Diabetes Program.
Other option is for Coke, Dibetes Program, others to go to schools and educate, bring awareness.
The way this legislation crafted, i wish it was more real. It’s a start but wish all avenues included in legislation. But I do 110 percent support LEGISLATION 0290-13, NO SALES TAX ON FRESH FRUITS, FRESH VEGETABLES, WATER, NUTS, SEEDS, NUT BUTTERS.

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