Delegate Tsosie: What makes you think Healthy Dine’ Nation Act will work?

Naabi continues debate over Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

What makes u think this will work? When Pawn legislation approved by Council, they all moved off rez. Pple pawning trailers and trucks and that didn’t resolve problem. And liquor prohibition has not resolves problem. In Four Corners we problem have largest problem.
So knowing that by passing laws and restricting things, and that other examples haven’t worked, wat makes u think it will work.
Go to T&R and u will see hundreds of Navajo pple buying cases of soda. Zunis and Pueblos also there. So this legislation will become pro-T&R and chase from Basha’s and you will see drop in gross receipts tax.
So wat makes u think this will work. There will be unintended consequences. And then you’ll be back to ask for more funds cuz tax dropped.
But wat u are showing is Navajo system has broken down and just telling them that you care doesn’t work. I tell pple, be careful and I talk to them about diabetes and that is extra cost on Indian Health Services. But before finish sentence, someone opens soda pop.
So how are we going to move on as Navajo society if totally ignore the message when ask pple to be good. So now we are going to pass punitive law. They won’t buy on rez but buy off rez.
We have found out that Fund Management Plan doesn’t work, such as Tourism Fund Management Plan. And it’s because Council has been good about not micromanaging.

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