Naabi votes 12 in favor, 6 opposed on Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

Naabi’s vote of 12 in favor, 6 opposed recommends approval by Navajo Council of Healthy Dine’ Nation Act. SPEAKER NAIZE We have been on legislation for over 2 hours. Two amendment: page 5, line 30, after trail and page 4, line 28, insert Sunset clause 2018 unless extended by Council VOTE ON HEALTHY DINE’ NATION […]

Conflicting legal advice pushes withdrawal of Referendum

Naabi debating referendum for Healthy Dine’ Nation Act. DELEGATE DAVID TOM Is this tax also going to be on Food Stamps? DELEGATE DANNY SIMPSON I support giving voice back to people but I don’t want Department of Justice and Legislative Counsel calling legislation our of order if goes to Referendum. LEGISLATIVE ATTORNEY RON HAVEN referendum […]

Naabi debating Referendum for Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

Naabi debating amendments to Healthy Dine’ Nation Act DELEGATE JONATHAN NEZ Amendment for Healthy Dine’ Nation Act to become Referendum. DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON Concerned that amendment takes from Council. DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE If we are going to give to people as referendum then do little differently. Amendment by Delegate Leoanrd Tsosie and other amendments place […]

Sales tax on Junk Food brought MacDs to Navajo Council

Naabi continues debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act. DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE I challenge the students, my precious children. Navajo culture important and that is our downfall. We try to be something we are not which is the western society. I agree with all my colleagues, how we will run to T&R, bordertowns. That really bothers me. […]

Delegate Tsosie: What makes you think Healthy Dine’ Nation Act will work?

Naabi continues debate over Healthy Dine’ Nation Act DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE What makes u think this will work? When Pawn legislation approved by Council, they all moved off rez. Pple pawning trailers and trucks and that didn’t resolve problem. And liquor prohibition has not resolves problem. In Four Corners we problem have largest problem. So […]

Naabi Committee: $220 million loan; Healthy Dine’ Nation Act; Zero Sales Tax on Fruits, Water, Vegetables

The Navajo Nation Council Naabiki’yati’ Committee is meeting tomorrow, Nov. 7, and the first Legislation on their agenda is LEGISLATION 0213-13, the $220 million Bond/Loan. The official title of LEGISLATION 0213-13 IS “Relating to Resources and Development and Budget and Finance; Declaring its Official Intent to Reimburse Itself with the Proceeds of the General Obligation […]

Junk Food Tax returns!

Greetings Relatives/Frens, I’m here at the Navajo Council Health, Education & Human Service Committee, where the committe is about to debate Legislation 03200-13 Amending Ttle 24 of the Navajo Nation Code by enactying the Health Dine’ Nation Acty of 2013. DEBBIE CAYENDITO how this legislaitn started, group of us, grassroots, got together to move things […]