Sales tax on Junk Food brought MacDs to Navajo Council

Naabi continues debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act.

I challenge the students, my precious children.
Navajo culture important and that is our downfall. We try to be something we are not which is the western society. I agree with all my colleagues, how we will run to T&R, bordertowns. That really bothers me. Over the weekend in Tsaile, vendors selling all these junk foods.
But I support legislation but we need to start somewhere. I feel for you but as mentioned by colleagues we need to work on this.
If looking at exercise equipment for chapters, why isn’t that part of annual chapter budget. So whether vote goes up or down, I commend you. And i know that this group are volunteers. And they have woke up everyone. MacDonalds and others coming to us now and offering financial assistance. But where were they before this legislation.

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