Students applaud Delegate Edmund Yazzie

Naabi still debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act.

Thank you Delegate Danny Simpson, presenters, students. You spoke well.
Students, one day you might be here in Council chamber.
I support this legislation cuz all about eating right.
We have to consider wellness of our people. The only tribe that takes the health of their people seriously is the Zunis. They made huge awareness, built wellness centers and swimming pools.
We just passed millions of dollars for coal mine. I voted for it. But this is about wellness of youth. Only concern is that nation has so much red tape. I know this issue will go to Council and we cud address at Council.
But i learned a lot from Delegate Simpson, presentors, students. I like eatin spam but now I know that there also has to be vegetables and fruit.
Let’s do this for the future of our Navajo people.

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