Legislation is our kids taking their future in their hands

Naabi debates Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

I get calls from Tuba City to reopen Wellness Center. As we talk about taxes, we need to also ask for an analysis of how taxes are being spent. Lot of our taxes are earmarked for good things but taxes are just sitting there.
I think that our unemployment is also due to our red tape, our regulations.
I’m also concerned about $10 million reverting to the federal government from our Special Diabetes Program.
If Speaker is going to create task force, then create Reduction in Government Regulation and I’ll be chairperson.
I’m going to buy t-shirt for Lakota Youth who are raising money for activity center where kids can be educated about healthy foods/lifestyles and they were on national TV by being in New York Marathon. This legislation is our kids taking their future in their hands.
Mr. Tsosie is a little bit old fashioned. We talk about our experiences as kids working in cornfields. But that’s lost. But they believe in their own ways and they know the best way to communicate with their peers.

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