Stretching a dollar by buying junk food

Naabi debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

What we are talking about is the health of the nation – elders, youth, infants.
If I was the owner of T&R, I wud cut price of soda, junk food by 50 percent to lure people into T&R.
I wud set up store right off rez and sell nothing but junk food, like how they sell fire crackers.
My only question is; is this business friendly?
When you don’t have very much money in your pocket, you buy junk food. When you are almost in the third world, you try to stretch you dollar by buying junk food, something cheap.
I cant’ fully support this legislation because of the lack of a fund management plan.
I also want equal distribution of this new sales tax by equal distribution among 110 chapters/local governments.
I’ve seen people suffer and die from diabetes but at the same time we are talking about businesses on the reservation.
I appreciate the discussion and concerns.

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