Let people vote on Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

Naabi still debating Healthy Dine’ Nation Act.

We hear you, students. Hold your head up high.
We shouldn’t let this discussion on how to live a healthy lifestyle die.
This discussion generalizes Navajo people in a negative way. I heard that we are lazy, etc. But there are people living healthy lifestyles so how do they do it. From my own experience, it’s a $50 pair of running shoes and good trail.
It’s a personal individual choice and we need to recognize them. Wen I ran with Vice President initiative, I heard so many inspiring stories. But yet we compartmentalize our departments. We need to unify for benefit of our people.
I laid to rest childhood fren, 38 years old, in Page because of heart atack. 38 years old, in the prime of his life. I don’t know if he took care of himself. He drank a lot of energy drinks. We need to let people know that there are tools to live a healthy life style.
Does 2 percent sales tax equal life? We shud increase to 5 percent. (STUDENTS APPLAUD)
Forgive me staff and tribal employees for saying this but we need to start with work force wellness programs. We shud allow staff to go out and walk/run and pay them.
Back to indivbidual choice, we need to give back to people as referendum. Give them a year to raise awareness and it will keep discussion/awareness alive. Maybe people have self awareness and that will be very beneficial even if people vote down. But self reflection will provide self analysis of their lifestyle. And it will give Tax Office time to evaluate.
It will be up to people if they want to self impose tax.
I disagree with seditary lifestyle promoted by Navajo Housing Authority. It’s individual choice. Read bag of chip. It says 16 serving but an individual eats entire bag.
I will provide Referendum language to Sponsor Danny Simpson during Council session.

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