Amend Health Dine’ Nation Act, add swimming pools

Naabi continues Healthy Dine’ Nation Act debate

If truly trying to impact behavior, studies recommend charge 15 percent. And I asked Department of Justice attorney Gomez to look up info, which shows taxes on alcohol and tobacco to impact behavior.
In terms of whiskey in Az, $3 gallon. NM $6.06 gallon.
Beer: Az 16 cents gallon. NM 46 cents gal.
Wine $3 Az. $6.06 NM
Tobacco: $1.66 per pack. $1 pack on rez
.02 cents not make behavioral change

Amendment: add swimming pool cuz constituent so overweight that swimming would be less stressful to his body.
Second by Delegate Alton Shepherd
9 in favor, 3 opposed on Witherspoon amemdment

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