Presentation and Debate: Healthy Dine’ Nation Act

We all have role in these two legislations. This is historical and perfect time to address. We must all display respect and trust. In your packets is a timeline of all the offices we have met with: Tax, Office of President, attorneys, etc. You sent us to do homework and we did it. Community wellness projects grow and many pple think wellness projects come from hospitals but it is our choice. The photo of elder walking shows that we all want to live long healthy lives. There are inadquate community playgrounds. Kayenta tax dollars created skate parks, climbing walls. Delegate Witherspoon asked for definitions of Water and they are all in your packets. Community Development concern is whether grant. We appreciate you giving us time and there was study in September regarding intervention for healthy stores, which showed improved health choices of food when healthy food available.

I looked at timesheet and there’s no meeting with Special Diabetes Program, which is losing more than $10 million because not being used. Program also receives about $6 million annually from federal government. And program asked to carry over $3 million from 2013 to 2014. Sure wud have liked to see meeting with program and maybe even partner with them to use the million of dollars that program not using.
Also challenge Navajo Prep school to meet with Special Diabetes Program and to remove

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