Would legalizing alcohol reduce crime on Navajo Reservation?

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee, where Committee debating proposed Legislation 0161-14, which proposes amendments to sentences in Title 17, which is the criminal portion of the tribal code.

for me, alcoholism not crime, but disease. so how fix? one way is legalizing and taxing and use taxes for rehabilitation. I support giving people a choice by referendum. we are decriminalizing to allow courts to hold on them through rehabilitation services.

this report is a “nut shell.” the next thing is for Law & Order Committee to look at where fines and fees go and cost.

Like i said, there is no law regarding burglary. I get complaints from my constituents. And also Drive-by Shootings, Gaming, DWIs need to be addressed to give more teeth and increase resources for rehabilitation.

if you have amendments, please bring to Law & Order Committee.

if anyone says that jails are not worth it have not been victim of criminal activity. strengthening sentences is long overdue.

I’d like to ask Navajo Division of Public Safety Director to arrange for Delegates to go on Ride Alongs with tribal police where you will hear children crying because of domestic violence, see violence. I was police officer for 17 years and I still remember and have dreams.

we are so behind when it comes to criminal codes. we have non-Indians moving onto reservation. they start growing weed and producing other drugs cuz they know the tribe has weak laws.

and if a police officer is pushed, battered, assaulted, the only offense the individuals is charges with is disorderly conduct.

We need to do something now, like Delegate Edmund Yazzie said. Let’s take funds from Regional Business Development Office and Government Development Office and shut them down because those offices are not doing anything. We need backup for our tribal police officers. In Tohajiilee, tribal police officers are faced with radio black out areas so let’s use those funds to put up towers to eliminate black out areas. Use funds too for more officers to cover rural areas, to be on unpaved roads.


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