Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie says drones should be used for safety of Navajo communities

Here at Naabi where Committee members finished hearing Report from Task Force about proposed Legislation 0161-14, which proposes amendments to tribal criminal code that focused on increasing and decreasing sentences for crimes.

I was at presidential forum at Ramah, where candidates of course were kissing up to constituents…maybe we shud make that a crime.

Forum Moderator former Navajo President Albert Hale most violent crimes occur, replacing Sioux Nation, so u shud look at ur performance under division directors. lok at yourself. We shud have FBI stationed on reservation at each tribal police district since federal government oversees major crimes, which are the most violent.

and with this oil and gas, you have pple assaulting oil & gas royalty receipients. all i can tell them is put up video cameras, more lights, more locks to protect your home and family.

we need more cameras but then people would probably shoot at the cameras and so i’ll go one step further and recommend the use of drones.

we have lot of pple panhandling and intoxicated here on rez and so is it time to legalize alcohol? let’s put on referendum. if approved, then tax the heck out of it and use taxes for rehabilitation services. we have yet to see report from public safety that we have rehabiliated one person. like horse roundup, cost $600 to catch one horse. so we shud not address sentencing in isolation.

i also don’t see proposal to have agreement with federal government to use federal jails. we do have “bad apples on Navajo land.” they are very violent and if sentence to five years then federal jails shud be used.

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