Amendments to Navajo Nation Criminal Code means more jail space

Here at Naabi where a tribal Task Force on LEGISLATION 0161-14, which amends the sentencing portion of the tribal criminal code, is making a report

Navajo Ethics & Rules Office
prosecutor for about 21 years and names as executive director for Ethics and Rules Office two years ago. I worked on Task Force regarding amendments to tribal Criminal Code. Other task force members are Navajo Department of Justice, tribal Public Defender Office.

IN 2000, Title 17 amended, added 9 major offenses back in and increased sentencing and best known for elminating jail sentencing. a year, legislation mandated a review of sentencing provisions of Title 17 for alternative sentences, electronic monitoring, anything restore harmony between offender and victim, community and offender, pay restitution to victim or post bond or community service.

180 days jail or $500 fine remain. under federal laws, the navajo nation cannot impose more than 160 days imprisonment or $5,000 fine.

major crimes sentences remains at one year in jail or $5,000 or both, because that is the maximum.

I’m trying to keep up but Ethics & Rules Office Director Vernon Roanhorse is zipping along…AND so I’ll just get copy of written report, scan and post.
The sentencing for Possession of Marijuna is severe. All I heard was Maximum Sentence of 365 days and %5,000 fine.

Adultry is also part of tribal code. And if I heard right, there is no jail time. Not sure if there’s a fine. Me thinks that there should be Jail Time… or at least public shaming by the Public Posting of Photos of said offenders. LOL

The Delegates need to understand that these amendments would mean the need for jail space and additional funding.

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