What happened to Healthy Dine’ Nation Act?

At Naabiki’yati’ Committee and a HUGE debate has erupted over the agenda.

Delegate Danny Simpson asked to have his two pieces of legislation added to the agenda. And then he expressed strong concerns about why his legislation was removed not properly placed on the Naabi agenda especially since it went thru the legislative process.

But since Simpson didn’t attend the Health, Education & Human Services Committee, he didn’t know that his legislation which was the proposed Healthy Dine’ Nation Act of 2013 and Elimination of the Navajo Nation Sales Tax on Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables Water, Nuts, Seeds, and Nut Butters.

DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON/DELEGATE WALTER PHELPS (Both delegates are members of the Health, Education & Human Services Committee)
Committee action not to discourage but to send better recommendation and questions about why Health, Education & Human Services Committee didn’t do their work. I also had legislation returned to improve my legislation.

If tabled, then there wouldn’t have been an opportunity for all questions regarding the legislation to be answered which would have resulted in the Naabi Committee questioning legislation. The Health, Edcuation & Human Services Committee gave specific directives/instructions to sponsors about how the legislation could be improved.

I withdraw motion to add my LEGISLATION
but I want these two legislation on Naabi agenda.

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