NTEC: Behind Closed Doors

The Naabiki’yati Committee voted to go into an executive session about 3 p.m. on the Navajo Transitional Energy Company legislation that Speaker Johnny Naize and Delegate Danny Simpson are sponsoring. After Naabi voted to go behind closed doors, Naized asked Navajo Department of Justice Dana Bobroof to identify who should remain in meeting. Bobroof said NTEC Board President Steve Gunderson, NTEC interim attorney Paul Frye, DOJ attorneys, Legislative attorneys, Speaker’s Energy Advisor Anthony Peterman, Navajo Environmental Protection Agency director Stephen Etcitty. Naize said that the closed door meeting would be one hour but it’s now 4:18 p.m.

But before Naabi went into executive session, they voted to move the last item on their agenda, which was the federal Indirect Cost rate to the top of their agenda, followed by NTEC.

At the top of their agenda was a report from the Home for Women and Children, which is a domestic violence shelter in Shiprock. This is National Domestic Violence Prevention & Awareness Month but Naabi/Council has their priorities which is based on their composition: 23 men and 1 woman.

Nabbi immediately apaproved the federal IDC rate and then went to NTEC and executive session.

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