Naabi: Terminate or Keep Alive

Here at Navajo Council Naabiki’yati Committee and after prayer by Delegate Jonathn Nez, Speaker Naize called for announcements and Delegate Jonathan Hale opened a can of worms by commenting about the quorum problems of Naabi and that perhaps Naabi should be terminated, especially since this is last full year of current Council. Delegate Jonathan Hale recalled that former Legislative Counsel McCool had proposed a schedule of meetings for Council and standing committees, which would have removed what is causing quorum problems for Naabi. And the problem he said is that standing committees are meeting the same time as Naabi.

Nez’s comments was interesting because the lack of a quorum at Naabi today was because the Budget & Finance Committee was meeting and Nez was attending that meeting because he is the B&F Vice Chairperson.

at time like this, we feel frustration and when answer comes, we feel good but when occurs, we get upset. So no meetings first week of month so can address chapter issues/meetings. And if two per day, and if all in Window rock, and Monday & Tuesday in WR. So pple not driving to different rez locations.

I think right now, some committees meet twice a week or once a week. I was thinking that maybe if Naabi can’t get quorum that we might give Speaker more authority, including approval of some legislation.

The problem is all these vacant seats. It’s not the fault of other committee meetings. I appreciate who comes in faithfullY.

Speaker Nazie then tells Naabi that he appreciates that they recognize that Naabi is having a serious quorum problem and that there is legislation that focuses on that.

Naize is sponsoring the proposed Legislation 0294-13: Amending 2 Navajo Nation Code section 164(A)(9) and 2 NNC section 700(D)

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