Navajo Council Delegate Phelps tells Navajo Water Commission & Pollack that Council correctly opposed SB 2109

Here at navajo council’s Resources & Development Committee work session with Navajo Department of Water Resources Water and the Navajo Department of justice Rights Unit. (Excuse typos. I’m typing as fast as the presenters are talking) RDC MEMBER LEONARD PETE does the navajo nation have a game plan? this is going to be a long […]

Navajo Council approves erosion and flood control for 5 chapters

Navajo Council now on LEGISLATION 0012-14 which is for erosion control along Little Colorado River and which impacts communities of Birdsprings, Leupp, Cameron, Coalmine Canyon and Tolani Lake. Sponsor is Delegate Walter Phelps. It is now 5:38 pm and it’s still very windy outside. When I post my video tape of this Council special session, […]