Navajo Council Delegate Phelps tells Navajo Water Commission & Pollack that Council correctly opposed SB 2109

Here at navajo council’s Resources & Development Committee work session with Navajo Department of Water Resources Water and the Navajo Department of justice Rights Unit.

(Excuse typos. I’m typing as fast as the presenters are talking)

does the navajo nation have a game plan? this is going to be a long fight. good to see these figures and reports, but do we have a game plan.

believe we are at juncture where Stanley Pollack asking RDC for plan of action. we certainly don’t want to miss the boat again like we did with Little Colorado River. we need to take advantage of proposed utah settlement. thank you mr. Pollack and another reason to jump on utah water settlement is that pollack might resign anyday.

there is low hanging fruit and action needs to be taken on low hanging fruit. i’m curious and i’m saying this to DOJ and Water Rights Commission, when you talked to Council i felt “poutiness.” council rejected over serious concerns and hope those are not in proposed utah settlement. i hope there are lessons learned. i think that, for me, the council did the right thing and for good cause. when discussing water rights, it’s our watch. it is important.

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