Funding of projects getting Council riled up

Here at Navajo Council spring session, Monday, April 16, 2018. Council in heated deliberation over amending agenda, which could involve the removal of legislation that seeks funding for capital improvement projects. Speaker Bates is sponsoring LEGISLATION 0116-18, which has several of the capital improvement projects that are on the agenda as individual legislation and so […]

Naabik’iyati zipping through agenda

Naabik’iyati Committee votes 12-0 on Legislation 0439-17 without debste because Speaker Bates announced that they are about to lose a quorum. 0439-17 is for $100,000 for Dine’ Education Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment Development. Committee votes 13-0 on Legislation 0445-17, $1.6 million for Navajo Scholarship Office without debate. Moves to Council. Committee unanimously support $425,950 for […]

Navajo Council’s Resource & Development Committee talks water rights, decentralization, Five Year economic development plan

Here at the Navajo Nation Council Resources & Development Committee meeting at the Navajo Nation Council chambers in Window Rock, Ariz, where the RDC is currently listening to a Report from Navajo Division of Community Development Director Leonard Chee about the Decentralization Initiative/Administrative Service Offices. I finally got a strong enough WiFi signal. I think […]

Funding Navajo Nation 5-Year Capital Improvement Projects

I’m still here at the Navajo Nation Council special session and so far, the Council has taken action on TWO Reports. They are now on their THIRD Report, “Funding Options for 5-Year Capital Improvement Projects” by Navajo Nation Controller Mark Grant. It’s now 5:39 pm and roll call was made because Speaker Pro Temp Jonathan […]

Navajo Energy Summit – Navajo reservation is in a drought

Here at Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources Energy Summit’s work session on “Climate Change on the Navajo Nation” by tribal Fish and Wildlife Director Gloria Tom and my apologies for arriving late. I wasn’t able to blog much but I do have most of Tom’s presentation on video tape. By the way, i was […]

$554 million settlement is “Christmas in July”

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee is now debating DIRECTIVE by Delegate Alton Shepherd for the Council’s Task Force on the $554 million Settlement to begin meeting on how to spend the $554 m. DELEGATE LEONARD TSOSIE This is premature. Let’s make sure it arrives first. DELEGATE KATHERINE BENALLY Opposing side is saying, we don’t have money, […]

Navajo chapters need “clean audits” for N.M. funds; Involvement of Chapters needed on 5-Year CIP plan budget

Navajo Council Resources & Development Committee added LEGISLATION 0154-14: An Action Relating to Resources and Development, Budget and Finance and Naa’bik’iyati’ Committees; Approving the Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Navajo Nation and San Juan County Utah to Repair, Maintain and Improve Road Projects for the Safety and General Benefits of Utah and Navajo Nation Residents and […]

$220 million for Navajo Nation Capital Improvement Projects is in separate legislation

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0118-13, WHICH IS RECOMMENDING AND APPROVING THE NAVAJO NATION CHAPTERS’ INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT PRIORITY PROJECTS FOR 2013 TO 2018. DELEGATE DWIGHT WITHERSPOON The funding amount for the Hard Rocks Chapter’s Headstart program was part of earlier version of 0118-13 and now this version of 0118-13 states that there […]

President Shelly vetoed earlier version of Capital Improvement Projects with “BS all over it.”

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0118-13, recommending and approving the Navajo Nation chapters’ infrastructure improvement priority projects for 2013 to 2018. DELEGATE NELSON BEGAYE We need to approve this list. I think that the Council has been trying to approve a list since 2006. And it’s my community of Rough Rock that […]

“What kind of looney tune planning is that?”

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0118-13, recommending and approving a capital improvement project plan DELEGATE CHARLES DAMON II It is really up to chapters and chapters were notified. And I am ready to vote for progress report and 0118-13, and for funding at a later date. It has been many years that […]