“What kind of looney tune planning is that?”

HERE AT NAVAJO COUNCIL WHERE COUNCIL DEBATING LEGISLATION 0118-13, recommending and approving a capital improvement project plan

It is really up to chapters and chapters were notified. And I am ready to vote for progress report and 0118-13, and for funding at a later date. It has been many years that this has come before us and it is time to vote on it.

i’ve been here for three years and we ask chapters to bring their projects and we have not approved. some of the delegates say they know what the chapters need but the chapters know their needs. Chapters are tired of submitting their projects. We talk about working together. Some projects not on priority list but at least those projects are on the list. Let us not delay projects from 110 chapters. I see two administrative buildings on here. but what is more important is that these projects are from chapters and they include waterline, electrical lines, senior citizen centers, Headstart facilities, etc. I support 0118-13.

The last time I went home and told my constituents that we had funded community project but there was no funding attached. Their response: “What kind of looney tune planning is that?”
We shud make electrical lines priority. And I don’t see anything for youth. We need lighted softball fields. (applause from students) I went to Baca School and the students said there is nothing out there; it’s boring.
And every year we send $16 million annually to investment managers in New York to invest tribal dollars. We asked Navajo people to shop on reservation and to not oppose economic development project. Everytime plan economic development there’s group of Navajo that oppose.

There is only one chapter that has no proposal. And some of the proposals have no recommended funding. And so perhaps ask if could appropriate funding for the chapter with no proposal.

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