Phx EPA hearing on Navajo Generating Station

Anita Lee begins her overview of 2 proposals to require NGS reduce emissions/pollution. Congress required EA to improve visibility at National Parks and Wilderness Areas, cClass I areas – Regional Haze Program.
NGS impacts 11 Class I areas.
improving visibiity is also about health.
EPA prposed new controls at NGS reduce Nox emissions.

I’ll have to post EPA info later. Anita is a very fast talker. But I am also video taping and I’m also doing voice recordings.

It was interesting that as Anita was giving her presentation, which she has done at LeChee, Page and Hopi, no one yelled out that they could not see her, which is what happened this evening.

And before the Hearing started a group called,

Paul Pecan and Sandy Barb, Rep Frank Pratt and Warren Peterson

When congress okayed CAP, it also approved NGS, and NGS provide energy to move water. And NGS also provide
Heard from Navajo and Hopis about impact.
almost half of CAP dedicated to many tribes, received settlement replace local supply. ohter key aspect, those tribes pay energy costs for themselves
non indians also key sector and cost impact to city popoulation. If NGS goes away, Phx $5 m to repay CAP
Unlikely NGS investors inest and said in March 2013 lter.
Future of NGS hinges on EPA decision and TWG reduces Nox and protects Navajo and Hopi jobs.

AIR Pollution, smog. NGS worst of all coal plants. Fouled skies over Grand Canyon and other places for far too long. Pple near NGS suffered decades. Nitrogen Nioxide key in pollution. NGS shud not have special exception and shud set example.
Clean Air Act clear requirements to restore and protect air quality. OUtdated coal plants install modern pollution controls.
EPA came up with reasonable and effective plan to protect treasured parks, it is cost effective and protects public health and environment.
EPA must reject those that don’t meant requirements in five yr period.
Huge coal plant escpaed instaliing polluion controls. NGS must stop stalling.

$420 M ON sulphur dioxide and $45 m for low NOx burners
NGS currenlty complies with all federal rquirements.
but still here talking about lowering NOx for improved air in parks.
EPA’s BART sets emission standards most stringent. rquire SCR and controls of $1.1 billion and compliance less than five years.
Save more than 1,000 jobs of Navajo and Hopis by supporting TWG BART. It’s only option that not result in shutdown of NGS.

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