US EPA hearing on NGS BART – Phoenix, Ariz.

Greetings Relatives/Frens,
I got wifi! And so I’ll be doing my best to blog from Phoenix Convention Center about comments/oral testimony being made by people in this area. It was 81 degrees when I walked into South Convention Center from Symphony Convention Center. It feels like 70 degrees here in the Convention Center auditorium where hearing scheduled.

Comparied to other hearings at LeChee Chapter and Hopi Day School, this auditorium is huge. But I don’t think it’s as huge as the Page High School auditorium where Hearing #2 was held on Nov. 12.

Overall, the majority of the public comments support a proposal from the Technical Working Group or TWG “TWig”, which was created when Salt River Project, which is part owner of Navajo Generating Station invited a specific group of people from the Navajo Nation, SRP, Central Az Project, Grand Canyon Trust, and others to create an alternative plan to reduce dangerous emissions/pollutions from NGS. The USEPA also have a plan.

Well, I guess I have to finish this later because I got an interview with a leading professor who has been researching the dangerous health impacts of emissions/pollution from coal fired power plants.

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