Navajo Nation Attorney General Tsosie supports TWG BART

Greetings Relatives/Frens,
I tried posting my video on Attorney General Harrison Tsosie telling U.S. Environmental Proection Agency that he supports the Technical Working Group’s Best Available Retrofit Technology for Navajo Generating Station to reduce pollution to improve visibility. But the video was too large and so I posted it on UTube.

Here is the UTube web address for my video:

I attended EPA hearings on NGS BART in LeChee, Ariz. & Page, Ariz. yesterday (11-12-13) and today at the Hopi Day School in Kykotsmovi, Ariz.

Yesterday’s hearings were pep rallies for NGS; the cheerleaders were NGS/Peabody workers, Page business people, Cameron & LeChee chapter presidents, Attorney General Tsosie, Speaker Naize.

Tonight’s hearing was the voices of the people, mostly Navajo women. Hopi people spoke too. Their message: environmental justice, climate change, Protect Mother Earth, alternative energy, health of children/unborn/babies/pregnant women, the Water, Air, Fire, Mother Earth. A Yale or Harvard professor who was hired by Peabody spoke about the importance of keeping NGS open to keep NGS jobs for the Navajos and Hopis.

Attorney General Harrison & NEPA director Etsitty were at USEPA hearings in Hopi but neither one spoke. I asked if they were going to speak and they said they were there to listen.

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