Az Rep Peterson: EPA don’t repeat Trail of Tears

Modern day of Trail of Tears. 1830s sent west on pain. EPA no decern benefit and ruin lives of hundreds of Navajos and thousands of Az pple.
Lose 140 million jobs.
First earth moving permit which was dust control and one page and thot ridiculous.
Implementation complete waste of time and water.
COST jobs, blew it 1830s and hpe don’ do again.

As largest customer of CAP, Gila River has legal rights that bargained for and water settlements. Uphold trust obligations for water. frm beginning of EPA rule making, community concerned about catastrophic impacts to tribes. Applaud EPA for accepting TWG. While imposing BART significant problems, TWG best option.
TWG is result of many months of intense negotiations between tribes, environmental groups, NGS, federal government.
While TWG not provide all things for everyone, it’s the best. Not ultimate solution but reduces harm of EPA against NGS.

Most districts rural, economy depends on agriculture and mining. EPA option is direct threat. NGS low cost electirity to Central Az Propect to farm, city, towns, rez in central and southern Az.
EPA want expensive new technology over billion dollars but come from Az businesses.
Water and power impt to Az communities and Az employers depend on NGS. Closure devasting impact.
EPA clms regs necessary for visibility around Grand Canyon but scientific studies shows NGS responsible for small amt of that haze.
This is visiblility issue, not health issue

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