Az elected officials concerned about Navajo and Hopi jobs

EPA hearings on NGS BART, Phoenix

2012 visitors to Grand Canyon created more NOx than NGS. EPA says NOx declined and all areas meet EPA standards. NOx levels well below standards. Winds around NGS doesn’t push to Grand Canyon. Its comes from National Park’s controlled burns. So will EPA penalize them for causing visibility problems.
EPA has no jurisdiction over NGS. Only Congress has oversight over Treaty land. EPA neds prove NGS causes visibility at national parks.
Science isn’t there.

Chairman of transportation so big concern pollution and vehicles. We all know Congress delegated to resolve but spirit of cooperation intended by Congress not happening cuz of EPA over reach.
2018 and 2023 EPA BART deadlines cud result in plant closure.
Benefit Navajo and Hopi people cuz they depend on NGS jobs.

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