Navajo Nation Council Naabik’iyati Committee Sexual Assault Prevention Subcommittee meeting Aug. 12, 2016

The Navajo Nation Council Naabik’iyati Committee Sexual Assault Prevention SubCommittee is meeting on Firday, Aug. 12, 2016, at 10am in Window Rock, Ariz.

Navao Nation Council Delegate Amber Kanazbah Crotty is the subcommittee chairperson and Council Jonathan Perry is the subcommittee vice chairperson.

The last Navajo Nation Council Naabik’iyati Commttee Sexual Assault Prevention SubCommittee meeting was at the Budget and Finance Committee conference room.

The meeting may be there again or in the Navajo Nation Council chambers.

Attached are the proposed agenda for the Sexual Assault Prevention Subcommittee and recent documents from the Navajo Nation Tribal Action Plan meeting and the Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

NSAPSC Proposed Agenda 08-12-2016

NNTAP Violence Suicide and Addiction Data Aug. 1, 2016

Tribal Action Plan Roundtable Discussion

Fact Sheet on the effects of Sexual Violence and the prevalence of Sexual Violence – draft

NN Sexual Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, and Family Violence Prevention Act 2016aug10

Letter to the editor May 28

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