Navajo Council Delegate Leonard Tsosie says Creator has not struck him down for skiing over sacred sites.

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee where Confluence Partners reported on proposed Escalade Project and now Committee debating over report.

We did due diligence with mine and we asked many questions about waiver. Understand tough questions but in the end, Council decided to buy coal mine.
Origin of mine was different and to credit of NDOJ and deputy attorney general bobroff, I cast my vote support.

Listening to Hale’s statistics,you make it sound like we are not doing job and I took offense to it. Reason for high stats in education, unemployment is because of Arizona

On your dealing with president, what is happening? He gave deadline at one time. And the Council’s Resources & Development Committee asked you to meet with tribal medicine people. Did u do that? And what happened? Did u have good talk with them?

This project and like most other economic development, there is group of Navajos saying no. Saw with BHP, URI, water, Confluence. In state schools, they taught them how to trash their leaders behind their backs on Facebook.

so how do we work out something. RDC sugested that this be put to referendum by impacted chapters cuz it was on again and off again resolutions. “I’m confused about why resolutions going on again and off again.”

If Committee and Council believes go forward with Escalade Project then maybe have Peacemaking.

I said I like idea of paying for food at restaurant with view of Grand Canyon.

I use to ski and I’m sure I ran over someone’s sacred site. Creator has not strike me down for doing that but i have asked for forgiveness and that is why I am still here today.

But I hope you give us truthful numbers.

And Hopis infringing on Navajo economic development efforts. I don’t think they have any right. so what do they want us to do? be poor again. serving in NM, all tribes came to support gaming/gambling. now that made dollar, they are not supporting Navajos and Pueblos. They have become greedy capitalists.

I’m just speaking what i see and how interpret. Navajo has never infringed on anyone but there are tribes showing up in NM and Washington DC to lobby against us. And how can Hopis object to Escalade when tearing down signs for Twin Arrows Casino & Resort. Last time, Save the Confluence brought their Hopi frends. I didn’t do it first; it was the Hopis that tore down signs to stop Twin Arrows. I wish they wouldn’t do that and that they wud sit down with us. So pple are trying to hamstring Navajo ec development.

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