Confluence Partners made offering at Grand Canyon Confluence

Navajo Council Naabik’iyati Committee debating report from Confluence Partners on proposed Escalade Project.

Anytime there is economic development on the Navajo Reservation, community people must be fully educated about project.

And tribes must also be educated about federal laws regarding economic development.

i know western portion of Grand Canyon is under Navajo Parks and Recreation. We have these agencies, such as Navajo Environmental Protection Agency and Navajo Historic Preservation, and have they had their input on this proposed Escalade Project. They should.

I heard primarily comments and the concern over resolutions of support, the Bodaway-Gap passed a resolution.

Regarding statistics, i was not laying blame. I was simply stating facts. and i was not saying that stats because of Council. i was saying that is the reality of our children who are looking to us to find solutions to realities. that was my only intent in pointing out stats.

regarding president shelly, we have been meeting with him and we have presidential representative and tribal lawyers and one specializing in contracts. we have three agreements – operating, master, development. Those agreements will be put in legislative process and agreements layout rule sof all parties. once agreement gets to u, u can look at and determine roles and responsibilities and how those liabilities are being minimized.

through course of project, we have met with medicine people and especially those from area and we made offering at Confluence. make clear that Tram and Walkway never touches Confluence. It’s above Confluence. And Gondola is contained so pple not wander over to Confluence. We are limited to anything above high water mark. when have development like this, when doing offereing, we were sitting at banks and you see rafts stopping, people getting out and relieving themselves and walking around. but with this project, Navajo can send law enforcement to protect sacred sites. but again there are no sacred sites above high water mark and if sacred site found then we will protect. that is our committment and has always been committtment.

Statement that Confluence Partners brought Hopi fiends and we weren’t here.

also question if Navajo historic preservation involved but Keith involved on that.

initially accompanied us to Confluence and asked us to make significant changes and we did that. we also had significant invovlement with them on sacred sites, which have been documented and no mysteries. had exhaustive data to show but cuz of time limit, couldn’t. Next step is for Navajo to approve Conditional Study for Compliance. Legislation says that Confluence Partners wud pay for that study and that study wud go to Historic Preservation Office. If issues/problems cannot be resolves then that is it for project.

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