Proposed Escalade Project going down same road as Coal Mine

Here at Naabik’iyati Committee where Confluence Partners reporting on proposed Escalade Project.

Those of us dealing with Navajo Hopi Land Dispute are dealing with lawsuits and the money for Navajo relocatees are going to Hopis and white lawyers. “I’m talking millions of dollars.” And this is all because of mistakes and we are paying high price today and in the future. so think about that. so think about what you are doing, some of ramifications, signs that cud cause even greater liability for Navajo Nation.

wat also disturbs me is the Navajo Justice Department Attorney General Office after hearing presentation. Reminds of deal they got us into Coal Mine and given to us in exectuve session and no one got opportunity to look at. And that is what is happening with Escalade Project and thot learned lesson from coal mine. maybe time we make attorney general office elected position so not pressured by politics.

This should be about what the people want, not what the politicians want. so ask my colleagues think about potential lawsuits that might be on horizons. and i’m asking Chief Legislative Counsel Henry about settlement and relocation. Settlement should have settled all those lawsuits. but it didn’t and the settlement was made during campaign season so all problem with settlement were kept hush, hush.

colleagues shud know if there is anything in settlement that would allow someone to use settlement to sue Navajo nation over proposed Escalade Project. so ask Chief Legislative Counsel Henry to research and heard Navajo Department of Justice did work on proposed Escalade Project and so maybe they already know.

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