Naabik’iyati Committee now on Removal of Delegate Naize as Speaker

Naabik’iyati Committee now on Legislation 0069-14, removing Delegate Johnny Naize as Speaker.

This legislation was being read into record and lost quorum during Naabi. Couple of weeks ago, there was guilty plea by former Council Delegate Raymond Joe that implicated Speaker Naize after earlier Legislation to remove Delegate Naize failed cuz some delegates wanted to give Naize the benefit of a doubt.
And like i said before, when Council voted Naize as speaker, there were no criminal charges against him. But now there are.
And Speaker has huge responsibility as Legislative Branch chief.
April 4 set as special session to address this legislation.

This is a very sensitive issue and there are many legal issues that have to be discussed and we are addressing them because they are sensitive. I was just sitting where Delegate Shepherd sitting. Very tiring.
I want to recall when former Delegate Keeswood brought legislation for legal fees to help Navajo people with off-reservation laws. As time went on, if I believe correctly, those funds were provided to special prosecution. so now there are no financial assistance for legal fees for human rights cases. And this well intended legislation is being used to prosecute each other. And outside world calling us corrupt and that we are being used by wealthy NFL team owner.
Delegate Tsosie said we shud be consistent and Delegate Bates brought in legislation from Tse Sekaad about why isn’t Council also removing Delegates facing criminal charges. And Navajo Nation Deputy Attorney General wrote legal opinion for removal of Delegates.
So in interest of being consistent, I have amendment, page 3. And attorneys told me not to do. That i was making illegal forward pass. So am I out of balance to make this amendment a part of this legislation.

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