Former Navajo Nation Council Speaker Morgan to testify against elected officials in Special Prosecutor cases

By Marley Shebala Former Navajo Nation Council Speaker Lawrence Morgan, a major figure in the tribal prosecution of elected officials involved in a quid-pro-quo scheme involving tribal assistance funds for the most needy Navajo people, pleaded guilty to one criminal charge of conspiracy this morning before Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., District Court Judge Geraldine […]

Navajo Council sends legislation related to Navajo Housing Authority back to Resources & Development Committee

The Navajo Nation Council convened Day 2 of its Summer Session. The Council is now on LEGISLATION 0095-14, approving amendments to Title 2 of the Navajo Code section 500 and sections 701. The proposed amendments would have stripped the Resources and Development Committee’s authority to select a Tribally Designated Housing Entity and given it to […]

Navajo Special Prosecutors in Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., Court, July 18, 9:30 a.m.

Special Prosecutor for the Navajo Nation Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom & Schoenburg, LLP 80 East Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 710 Tempe, Arizona 85281 (480) 921-9296 SPECIAL PROSECUTOR JUly 16, 2014, NEWS RELEASE WINDOW ROCK DISTRICT COURT ISSUES IMPORTANT RULINGS WHICH ALLOW TRIALS IN CORRUPTION CASES The Window Rock District Court has recently issued a number […]

Speaker Naize back in Window Rock District Court

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, I just got back from the preliminary hearing on suspended Navajo Nation Speaker Johnny Naize’s plea to the Window Rock, Ariz., District Court to halt the 12 Navajo Council and one tribal legislative employee from putting him on administrative leave, even though he has been on administrative leave since the Council voted 12 […]

YouTube: Part 2, Navajo Council-Removal of Speaker Naize

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, Here – finally – is PART 2 of the Navajo Nation Council special session on April 4, 2014, which is when the Council voted 12 in favor, 0 opposed to place Speaker Johnny Naize on administrative leave with pay. Part 1 is Navajo Council Delegate Alton Shepherd presenting Legislation 0069-14, the removal of […]

Navajo Council Delegates that support Speaker Naize also want tribal attorneys

The most recent event involving an April 7, 2014, legal action by Navajo Council Speaker Johnny Naize against 12 Navajo Nation Council delegates and the Legislative Services Director is a WRITTEN request from Council Delegates Katherine Benally and Charles Damon II for the Navajo Nation Department of Justice to be their attorney. Benally and Damon […]

Navajo Nation Judge Perry orders second hearing on Speaker Naize’s TRO against 12 delegates and one employee

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, This morning, April 8, 2014, Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., District Court Judge Carol Perry did not make a decision during a hearing on a request by Speaker Johnny Naize’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order against 12 Council delegates and one legislative branch employee. Instead Perry ordered another hearing, which is scheduled […]

YouTube: Navajo Council Delegate Shepherd: Council puts Speaker Naize on paid leave

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, On April 4, 2014, the Navajo Nation Council VOTED 12 in favor, 0 opposed to place Speaker Johnny Naize on paid administrative leave because as a member of the Council, he no held a requirement to be speaker. That legal requirement was “good standing.” And there were 12 reasons why Naize no longer […]

Navajo Nation Court denies TRO against 12 Navajo Council delegates and 1 employee

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, Here is a copy of the request by Navajo Council Speaker Johnny Naize, to the Navajo Nation Window Rock, Ariz., District Court for a Temporary Restraining Order against the 12 Navajo Council delegates that voted in favor of placing him on administrative leave with pay and also against Legislative Services Director Tom Platero […]

Temporary restraining order against 12 Navajo Council delegates filed April 7, not April 4

Greetings Relatives/Frens/Humans, It’s been a very busy day. I drove over to the Office of the Speaker in Window Rock, Ariz., and arrived about 7:30 a.m, where I saw Speaker Pro Temp Delegate LoRenzo Bates talking with a tribal government maintenance man. Bates explained that he called the maintenance office after he couldn’t open the […]