At Shiprock, NM, Chapter meeting

Greetings Relatives/Frens,
Arrived at Shiprock & my wife is WORKING! What a relief.

The meeting is underway. Dine’ Citizens Against Ruining the Environment Director Lori Goodman is here. Dine’ CARE is sponsoring the prposed legislation “to reject the Navajo purchase of BHP” coal mine.

Local top officials for BHP Billiton Navajo Coal Mine are also here. BHP has set up a tabel loaded with munchies, water and coffee on the east side of the meeting room. BHP External Affairs official Collette Brown (505-598-2007 office/505-947-2562 cell) is taking care of the table, which will soon have another goodie – fry bread.

BHP Tribal Liasion Norman Benally and BHP Asset President for New Mexico Coal Pat Risner (505-598-4361 office/505-486-4731 cell) are sitting behind me and Farmington Daily Times Noel Smith.

Shiprock Chapter President Duane “Chili” Yazzie just announced that someone from the community needs to make a motion and second to “resurface” Dine’ CARE opposition to BHP coal mine. Yazzie gets an immeidate motion and second.

The people vote 39 in favor, 5 opposed to return to Dine CARE resolution.

Yazzie expalains the resolution “Supporting Dine’ CARE resolution which states Supporting the Dine’ CARE opposition to Navajo government/Navajo Council purchase of BHP coal mine. He says that the resolution was presented to the Shiprock Chapter in that manner and so that is what the people will be voting on.

He explains that Dine’ CARE and BHP will be given 10 minutes each speak.

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