BHP coal has higher value then BHP claims

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I’m getting reaady to drive to Shiprock, NM, a large Navajo in the northern part of the Navajo Reservation, where the local government and community will be deliberating legistion regarding the Navajo government’s purchase of BHP Billiton’s coal mine for $85 million. The proposed legislation is for Shiprock community to support or opposed the coal mine purchase.

I received this email and information from Vicent “Vincenzo” Yazzie, who I know to be a very reliable and intelligent source regarding coal development on the Navajo rez.

Coal is ranked according to how much energy that coal has per pound.

APS tested Navajo Mine coal which turned out to be higher energy per pound coal.

Some did not enter % correctly. 20% was entered as 0.20 instead of 20.

This made Navajo mine coal look it was a low energy per pound coal (6300 BTU/pound)

APS calculate the energy per pound to around 13,000 BTU/pound.

Spot price for coal is at

Navajo has been ripped for decades. Navajo leadership doing a coverup. The losses run into the billions.

Here is the link to BHP COAL RANKING

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